Phil Blackburn is the kind of guy who asks lots of unsettling, probing questions such as: “Why doesn’t the finance director laugh more? Why does anyone wear a tie? Why do people confuse ‘complicated’ with ‘clever’? Why do we say ‘think outside the box’? Why don’t we just get rid of the box?”

Phil comes with the title Dr from his days as an academic…. Add more here He’s the author of several heavyweight books on economics and a very readable business book- "Seven Secrets of Inspired Leaders".  

Phil started his career in economic development and created several regeneration investment funds ranging from 500K to 150 Million from EU grants and the private sector.

He has turned his hand to developing concepts for movies just for fun. But it was no mere hobby. He has developed and  produced prophetic movies starring Malcolm Mcdowell, Stockard Channing, Pete Poslethwaite, Juliete Stevenson.

Red Mercury a siege movie of islamic terror attack on London screened in the Cannes Film market in 2005 before the London bombings and his recent film script Extreme Cities- sold to leading Hollywood production company- actor Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment- has now been taken over by Columbia Pictures.

He takes delight in designing innovative- fit for purpose - break-all-the-rules buildings and work spaces- like boardrooms with circular tables and psychedelic lights that play on bland walls and illuminate tired minds. 

Currently he is working in a zany studio with a Soho

Phil founded and ran the Inspired Leaders Network in London for six years until 2005 where they staged unpredictable, edgy events. One time they brought in a Formula One racing car and straight-suited CEOS got down and dirty changing tyres.

And their latest brainchild? A series of breakfast and dinner events called Insider Secrets for a select group of open-minded thinkers who are willing to be exposed to gems of wisdom from revolutionary leaders in the fields of business, entertainment and health.

But you won’t be asked to sit passively and be spoon fed ideas like a docile infant. You will be expected to remove your jacket and all false pretensions and fully participate in an open, unguarded exploration of the meaning of life.

Expect the unexpected and expect it fast. There will be no time-wasting waffling by opinionated experts regurgitating the same old spiel. No, Phil will have none of that. These events are stimulating and provocative as a stinging punch in the arm. You’ve been warned.